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We deliver e-Identities after an automated and AML5 & EIDAS compliant KYC procedure. You can use & reuse this identity as a token of trust. One-Click KYC, white-labelled. Single Sign-On for your websites.


Offer cashless experience to your customers, and link payments with invoices. No reconciliation, no delay. Get paid before your services are bought, and obtain treasury for your business.

Document Store

Our portal lets you manage secured documents. Save them in an unalterable manner. Get them electronically signed by your customers. No e-mails, you can all use the online app.

Our Value Proposition

Merchant Accounts

Your customers will send you cash before coming to your store.

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Click & Collect

Your customers buy on your website, then come in your store.

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Mobile Terminal

Use your phone to bill your customers. No hardware needed.

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Video Interview

Engage your customers online via video, without technical hassle.

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GDPR Compliance

Let us deal with it, while you focus on your core business.

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Track your products from its origin to your end users.

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Want to go further?

Personalized Currency

We can create your Coin. Want to try ?

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Our vision

Our planet is burning. We believe that the main culprit lies at the heart of our economic system itself.

We must shift from a capital-centric value creation, to an economy focused on valuing our peers & our surroundings.

Cash concentration and redistribution models must evolve, to become more inclusive, and better distributed.

At Appi, we are convinced that a Distributed Economy can achieve this shift. By building local economies, interlinked by adequate non-intrusive tech, we can all focus on lowering our carbon footprint and helping out each others. Blockchain technology can now enable such a splintered economy, while still achieving compliance.